Ultra-Sonic Mosquito, Rat, And Pest Repellent

Ultra-Sonic Mosquito, Rat, And Pest Repellent

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Naturally Protect Your Home & Patio From Pests With Electromagnetic Waves! Safe For Kids And Pets!
(Stop Wasting Money On Exterminators!)

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Are you tired of ants, spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, mice, and other small pests like bed bugs & fleas invading your home, crawling around your kids and sucking your blood? Are you sick of paying strangers for spraying poison in your home? Well, now you can eliminate pests, without using dangerous cancer-causing chemicals, with this all-natural solution!

All you need to do is to plug this pest repellant into a wall socket and it will emit Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic waves that attack the pest's central nervous and auditory systems so that they run out of your house and never come back! The best part is that these waves are completely inaudible to human beings & pets! Since it is completely odorless and natural, you no longer need to worry about spraying poisons in your home & giving your kids cancer.

Every time you invite an exterminator over, along with spraying dangerous cancer-causing poison in your home, they charge you $300-500! On top of that, it is not even a permanent solution! With this device you can get rid of pests PERMANENTLY. Order today before it is too late! 

Wondering How It Works?

This product relies on a microprocessor to create a forcefield in your home. It emits ultrasonic soundwaves & pulses that randomly create digital sequences which prevent pests from hiding within the walls. This miracle device will send rodents, bugs, and other pests running!

This product also switches its frequency mode constantly, preventing pests from adapting and immunizing at a fixed frequency and with that, it is also able to attack all types of pests and bugs within a 1,600 sq ft radius. It also has a low power consumption and long life operation of up to 10 years. So you don’t need to worry about expensive electricity bills or replacing the device after a couple of years.

It’s extremely easy to use, all you need to do is plug it in a wall socket 15-20 inches above the floor. When the blue LED light turns on, that means it is working! You’ll forget that it’s even there because it’s completely silent to humans and pets. But you’ll certainly notice the lack of pests in your house.

With this you will be able to save on all the pesticide refills and protect your family from the dangerous effects and terrible smells that come with them.


  • Most Advanced Ultra-Sonic Technology:
    Powerful Ultrasonic Waves
    Rapid Electromagnetic Signalization
    High-Frequency Optimizing Sensors
    What People Are Saying:
    reported rid of mice, spiders, & mosquitoes
    reported full coverage of their home/office
    reported fewer bug bites and itchiness

Satisfaction Guarantee

We truly believe in the products we sell and they are made from the highest quality components, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free iron clad 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you don't have a positive experience for ANY reason, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realize that there is absolute ZERO risk in buying something and trying it out. If you don't like it, no hard feelings, we'll make it right.

100% Verified Reviews

Gavin G.9/13/2017

There are a lot of bugs this summer, maybe because of lots of rain. We try to find a way to keep them away. Consider our dog and our two year old daughter, I decided to buy this one. And it works great! I don’t see any of them in my house any more a few days after plugging it in. Highly recommend!

Michael L.9/12/2017

Just started using it. Surprised by how effective it was! The last week, flies and ants were found in my kitchen and living room, I used many methods to solve this problem. It works great! I bought them for each floor of my house. When I put these in, I hardly saw any ants or flies. Also, it comes with a dim night light, which is very nice. Will recommend them to my friends.

Jodi L.9/12/2017

I had a mouse infestation in my house and i could hear them munching on something in my walls. I didn’t want to use rat poison or have to deal with dead mouse bodies stuck in my wall. This was the perfect alternative. I can honestly say ever since i got this and plugged it i haven't heard anything from the mice or the device. It really did work..AMAZED!!!

Samantha K.9/10/2017

This works like magic. I used to use lemon essential oil to get rid of the pest, but it gets tiring since I need to do it every day. So I started looking for an electronic solution that has to be child and pet safe, since I have both at home. After installing this, I haven't seen spider, fly or ant anywhere. It doesn't seem to bother my dog as well. So it's a great buy. I would highly recommend this to any pet owners or new parents!

Alex P.9/7/2017

NO SPIDERS IN MY ROOM!!! So glad this works cuz sommer is coming and all the bugs are coming out too, this will be a great gift idea. I used to wake up with big spider bites in the morning, and it really freaked me out. Now it’s like they were never there.

Jennifer M.9/5/2017

Item was delivered quickly and was well packaged. I have had problems with mice in my shed where I keep large containers of bird seed. The mice were chewing through quite thick plastic to get at the seed. I was seeing lots of mouse droppings all round the shed work surface. I installed this pest controller and after a week, I have not seen one dropping and the seed is still intact. Really impressed with how well this worked!

Maria A.9/4/2017

I never write reviews but for this product I have to. There seems to be mixed feelings about whether this product works or not, but for me I can definitely say it works. Last summer I had many, many large spiders crawling around the house, but by using this product I had none this summer. I also used to have a mouse problem in my roof, but after using this product I no longer have a mice problem either. I've tried spider spray before, but the big spiders kept on getting in the house anyway. This product seems to keep them away.

Chris J.9/2/2017

My house had some flies and spiders here and there. I wanted to get a safe electrical repellent ( I have a yellow lab, and I don’t want this to harm my dog) for so long but could not find one fits my budget. Finally found this one, ordered it based on the high rating and positive reviews. I used for almost a week before I type this now, and I would say it works great. It doesn’t seem to bother my puppy, and I haven’t seen any spiders/small flys in the past week at all even when I opened my windows.

Marcus P.9/2/2017

This is a small but great gadget, for a few weeks now I have been hearing noises in my roof space so I decided to review this product to see if it would work, so I plugged it into my bedroom and left all the other bedroom doors open so as it can travel round the other plugs circuits as well. I have now had it plugged in for a week and I haven't heard a thing since, I am really pleased I decided to review this product because I can easily say that whatever was in my roof space is not there now, there hasn't been anything since I put it into the plugs up stairs and it is safe for pets if you have them in your house as well, I have 3 dogs and they are all as normal and healthy as can be so if you have a rodent problem or even if you want to prevent them from entering your house then I would get one or 2 of these as you can put them downstairs and upstairs or out in garage or shed if you electricity in it, all you have to do is plug it in and let it do it stuff it is that simple and it wont affect your pets but it will keep unwanted guests out, I was always sceptical about these things until I got one great job so far.

Ben R.9/2/2017

I bought this because i have a problem with spiders in my big house. They can be everywhere, and it is really scary and hard for me to catch them all or get rid of them. I tried to spray some chemical spray, but it worked poorly. Plus, I feel sick after using the sprays. Luckily, I found this pest repeller and decided to give it a try. And it is really helpful and does a good job.I think it much better than chemical spray because this device doesn't spray any bad smell and doesn't contain any hazardous chemicals. It is really safe for our kids and pets. Now we are happy with the result and there are no more spiders in my house.This pest repeller is very easy to use, you just need to plug it. I have it one in each room, and I find that it also work well on mice and roaches.

Carrie M.9/1/2017

I was so tired of getting bit up by mosquitoes all through summer nights. I couldn’t sleep with the constant buzzing in my ear and all the itchiness. I plugged this device into my bedroom, and now it’s like I have a forcefield around my house. I can finally sleep soundly at night. What's more, the customer service is great, too. Before ordering this product, I asked the customer service stuff a few questions and I got patient and careful answers. Thanks. I will strongly recommend this product to my family and friends.

Steven R.8/31/2017

Before I bought this machine, my room was often visited by mosquitoes and cockroaches. It's hard for me to sleep at night. Today, the machine has just arrived in the daytime. I put it in my room. I had bought other mosquito repellents before, but the effect was not very good, but when it worked in the daytime, I returned to the room at night, and it was clear that the cockroaches in my room were missing. After the light was turned off, I found that the mosquitoes were missing. Although I don't know how it works, it really solves my troubles, oh! I can finally get a good sleep. Thank you for your excellent machine!

Angela M.8/31/2017

Miracle bug repeller!!!! It’s springtime in south Texas and the the bugs are in full force, I bought this out of sheer desperation to keep them away from my back porch. I plugged this in (while swatting bugs away like a crazy person) and left it overnight. I hesitantly went outside the next afternoon to nothing. And I do mean NOTHING! It’s sheer bliss now and I’m so happy! Now we can go back to having lovely afternoons on our back porch again. Super happy with this machine!/p>

Robbie A.8/30/2017

I had issues with roaches and spiders and they are gone! I’m really glad I made this purchase. I was so tired of using bug sprays that smelled awful and felt like they were contaminating my house more than the actual insects. Now I don’t have to worry about chemical sprays or creepy spiders running around near my family or food.

Sophie J.9/5/2017

No more trap setting and poison, thank goodness! I’m currently in my third trimester and we got a really bad roach infestation. I was really wary of spraying those chemicals around the kitchen in my current state. So this was the perfect alternative.

Jeremy V.9/2/2017

This pest repellent device works great. Simply plug into a receptacle and you are all set, and let the device do the magic. I plugged mine in about 2 weeks ago, and there is no sign of black ants that were crawling into the house. I’m really happy because we had a bad ant invasion in our kitchen and would see them crawling around in our food. Now I don’t have to worry about accidentally ingesting ants!

Tana L.9/1/2017

I live in a old house where has rats and I tried everything but it didn’t work.So I decided to take a risk with this machine.It works quietly with no noise and no fear of affecting my little baby. I’m really happy I found this chemical free alternative for my family. Customer support was great too!

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