Smart 500ml Mini Air Dehumidifier
Smart 500ml Mini Air Dehumidifier

Smart 500ml Mini Air Dehumidifier

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Efficiently humidity control, dry air!

Silent, Portable, and compact dehumidifier efficiently remove damp, mold and moisture from the air.

Perfect for use in small areas such as the kitchen, wardrobe, storage rooms, bedroom, living room, office or anywhere else prone to damp air.

Auto-off and LED indicator when full. The dehumidifier will shut off automatically once it has reached capacity.

Absorbs moisture up to 250ml / day, and 500ml water tank capacity with removable tray.

One On / Off button

No noise device uses a natural process, easy to use.

Compact, portable and lightweight. This compact and portable design make it easy to move your dehumidifier from room to room.


  • Model: XROW - 600A
  • Water tank capacity: 500ML
  • Fan: 80mm x 80mm Brushless Motor
  • Power: DC 9V
  • Collection: Approx. 250ML per day ( 30 Deg.C, 80 percent RH )
  • Noise: Lower than 35dB
  • Charging cable length: 1.5M
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