Egg Peeler
Egg Peeler

Egg Peeler

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Frustrated peeling hard-boiled eggs?

Peeling hard boiled eggs is no big deal if you only have to peel one or two. However, peeling a lot of boiled eggs can be a time-consuming hassle. That is why we have created a fun and quick solution for the new gadget, egg peeing!

With this awesome Egg Peeler, you can peel eggs 10 times faster and easier. All you have to do is tap, place, and press, all with no mess and no fuss. It's perfect for making delicious healthy snacks. Compact and sturdy, this egg sheller makes the once tedious task of peeling boiled eggs ingeniously simple, fast and fun!

  • Peels eggs 10x faster and easier
  • Fun & easy, just tap place, and press
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Peels hard boiled eggs instantly and perfectly. No mess de-shelled egg
  • Size: approx. 14 x 14 x 18 cm (5.5 x 5.5 x 7 inches)



  • Quick and easy to use
  • Peels hard boiled eggs in just seconds
  • Makes adding protein to your meals easy
  • Easy and fun for kids to use


How to use it

  1. First, make sure to put the egg in the “eggstractor” hole vertically. There shouldn't be an extra space between the egg and the hole.
  2. Next, press down the cover peeling billow continuously and speedily. Pressing may take several seconds.
  3. After pressing down the cover, the eggs will pop out through the hole. It is normal that there may be few eggshells on the egg that still remains, but most part of the eggshell will peel from the egg.
  4. Lastly, peel the remaining eggshell on the egg. After that, they are now ready to be eaten!
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